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  • Arnhem part 2

    The next part of our tour took us to some of the major sites around Oosterbeek. It was great being with Jasper and Rich Clarke... Read more
  • Arnhem Part 1

    Today (Saturday 7th February, 2015) I had the pleasure of being shown Arnhem and Oosterbeek in the company of Richard Clarke (of TooFat Lardies fame... Read more
  • Going to Crusade Part 1

    It’s almost the start of the show season here in the UK. The traditional opener for the year is the Crusade show in Penarth, usually... Read more
  • Just in - Victrix Typhoon and Stuka

    This week a box arrived containing the latest reviews for WSS Magazine - a set of the new Victrix planes. These are the Hawker Typhoon... Read more
  • John Hill

    I have just heard the very sad news that wargames designer John Hill had died. I did not have the pleasure of knowing him personally but... Read more
  • Prepare for Battle

    I was recently asked by local clubmember Alex M if I could show him some historical games. I’m all for recruiting people into the historical... Read more
  • An off night

    Last night I went to my local Wednesday club meeting. As it was the first one after the Christmas and New Year break, I hadn’t... Read more
  • Happy New Year!

    Happy new year to all our readers! With the new year traditionally come resolutions. So here are mine. I’m usually a little wary of new... Read more
  • Panzer Upgrading - Part I

    Hands up the WW2 players amongst you who are not tank-nerds. Any hands? Well, my hand certainly would not be in the air. Another admission... Read more
  • FURY

    I finally saw the film FURY last month. It certainly lived up to the hype.  In case you didn’t know, Fury tells the harrowing story of... Read more

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