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  • Sind sie allein in Berlin

    Berlin is a fascinating city, with plenty of history both medieval and modern.  Founded in the 12th century, it grew to be the capital of... Read more
  • The Lair of the Beast

    Last Tuesday, I took a trip to Gripping Beast to take some photographs for the next few issues. It’s always a good idea to stock up... Read more
  • Highlighting a whooole lot of French infantry (Painting part 2)

    In my last blog, I looked at producing a pile of French infantry as part of our celebration of 6000 likes on Facebook. The results (so... Read more
  • This week in wargaming at WSS, May 11

    Guy: With an end to our Ligny project in sight, my mind has turned away from painting French and Prussians for a brief moment and... Read more
  • Painting a whoooooole bunch of French infantry ... again! Part 1.

    As the deadline for our Ligny game draws ever nearer, I find myself painting Prussian and French units like crazy to meet our deadline of... Read more
  • Legionary 2015

    I am fortunate to have two good wargames shows almost on my doorstep, Legionary and PAW. I’d missed PAW this year, as I’d been attending PolderCon... Read more
  • Painting Hussars

    Regular readers may recall a while back I wrote a blog on my conversion of Perry French Hussars to their Prussian counterparts. In that blog... Read more
  • This week in wargaming at WSS, May 4

    It’s remembrance day in the Netherlands today, and I’m sure World War II commemorations will be much in evidence here as elsewhere in the world... Read more
  • My Salute

    My annual pilgrimage to London is over. Every year for the past 24 years I have journeyed to Salute.  Back in the days of the... Read more
  • This week in wargaming at WSS, April 27

    Salute’s over. It was, as always, overwhelming, awesome, gratifying for the nice comments and generally exhausting. Despite that, there have been wargaming-related activities aplenty, so... Read more

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