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  • Back from the Dredd

    It has been a long time since my last blog, when I reviewed the Judge Dredd Miniature Game rulebook. In the long months that followed... Read more
  • Losing a friend

    I was very saddened to learn that last week Allen Curtis had died. I’d known Allen for over a decade. He’d been a regular contributor to... Read more
  • Market Garden Commemorations

    Christy already posted several videos (part 1, part 2, part 3) of the reenactment events commemorating the 70th anniversary of Operation Market Garden. Last Saturday... Read more
  • Breaking up the Line

    In my last blog, I mentioned how I’d had to change sides from the French to the Prussians for Project Ligny. I was feeling a... Read more
  • Market Garden - a family history

    In the author’s note of the introduction article to the theme ‘Market Garden’ of WSS 74, I hinted at a family history with the battle... Read more
  • Going Prussian

    Or an object lesson on never throw anything away… because you’re going to need it some day! Sometimes fate can throw you a curve ball... Read more
  • Messing with Caesar

    For our Salute game, we needed to use a quick set of rules which would allow fast play. I didn’t want them to be dumbed... Read more
  • What, no undercoat?

    At our local games club, the Brixham Berserkers, there is a campaign planned for In Her Majesty’s Name. Players are truly spoilt for choice when... Read more
  • Plastic conversions

    Plastic. There’s something about it that appeals to me greatly. It brings out the converter in me. I guess it is the ease with which... Read more
  • The goldfish bowl

    I often find it curious that our wargaming tables are effectively fighting in a goldfish bowl. We place our armies on the tabletop like two... Read more

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