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  • Building the British

    Time for another update on Project Platoon! Here is the progress so far. in the lead by far is Christy, she’s only waiting to finish off... Read more
  • First grenadiers

    At last I managed to get a few hours to paint up my first figures for my Project Platoon Panzergrenadiers. After 10 minutes with a... Read more
  • The basics of platoon building

    It’s me again - WSS’s resident newbie wargamer and demon painter. Since my last blog entry, I’ve manage to make huge progress with my platoon... Read more
  • We will remember them.

    They went with songs to the battle, they were young, Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow. They were staunch to the end... Read more
  • Screaming Eagles Or Not?

    Well I suppose an introduction is the best place to start. My name is Paul and I know Guy through our local games club. He mentioned that... Read more
  • Achtung!

    For Project Platoon I elected to go for German Panzergrenadiers. There was a fair amount of discussion and ideas banded around before we came to... Read more
  • Ze Germans!

    Before I go into what I’m doing for Project Platoon or why I’m doing it, I think perhaps introductions are in order. While Jasper, Guy... Read more
  • Tally Ho Chaps!

    My previous forays into World War Two have taken me far onto the Russian Steppe and the winter forests of Finland. I have sizeable Finnish... Read more
  • Whoa Mahomet!

    As Guy indicated in his introduction, I’m a slow-poke painter. Mostly because I tend to get meticulous and (believe I) have high standards for my... Read more
  • Project Platoon

    We at the WS&S offices decided we needed a group project - something we could all do and contribute to with a realistic time-scale of... Read more

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