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  • Project Platoon

    We at the WS&S offices decided we needed a group project - something we could all do and contribute to with a realistic time-scale of... Read more
  • What ever happened to the Rise of Rome?

    Long term readers of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy may recall we had the Rise of Rome series in previous editions (issues 52 to 53). This... Read more
  • Future issues.... ACW and 1920's

    With 55 out, preparations are well underway for issue 56 and issue 57. The next issue will be themed ‘1861 - A house divided’ looking... Read more
  • 28mm ‘Classified’ Agents

    Now here’s a modern pulp offering. These two characters, Dr Ian Hudd and Agent Rochelle Younger are agents who regularly deal with the ‘unknown’ and... Read more
  • Salute 2011

    What a day! A friend asked me what did I think of Salute 2011? I had to answer that I really didn’t see much of... Read more
  • At the studio... Let's play Operation Squad

    Here’s a test shot from our new set up in Zutphen. We’re taking some test shots for our ‘Let’s Play Operation Squad’ with our new... Read more
  • Bolt Action German Fallschirmjäger Boxed Set 28mm

    Achtung! Bolt Action have released a boxed set for German Paras. They have revamped their ranges from packs of four into boxed sets of squads... Read more
  • The Monmouth Rebellion

    I’ve always had a fascination with James Scott, Duke of Monmouth; the man who would be king. It started at Grammar School with my old... Read more
  • First Look: Relic Hannibal (28mm)

    Get your jeweller’s glass ready… here’s the Relic Hannibal. Relic Miniatures is a relatively new company with an ever expanding range of miniatures for the... Read more
  • What can you expect from the new WS&S?

    There has been much deliberation and planning which has gone into the re-launch of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy. What sort of magazine should we be... Read more

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