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  • Winning by a Tray!

    We’ve been taking a break from all things Ninja for a while, well gaming wise anyway. Construction on the Samurai village goes on at a... Read more
  • A change is as good as a rest

    We’ve played over a dozen play tests of our Ninja game for Salute which has been great fun. The players are now getting wise to... Read more
  • Getting the balance right

    Play testing on our game for Salute is going along at a steady pace. We’ve played several games at my local clubs with different people... Read more
  • Plastic Conversions, Wooden Buildings, and Modern Skirmishes

    Can you tell what it is yet? Work continues at a mad pace on our Salute demo. We’ve been given a good position according to... Read more
  • Plastics and 'God's own scale'

    We don’t usually have space for letters in the magazine and by the time they are in print, their subject matter is usually an issue... Read more
  • Preparing the Wrath of Heaven

    With a new website comes a new editorial blog. I’ll be keeping you all up to date on the latest news from the magazine, the... Read more
  • Battle Group Kursk arrived!

    Guess what just came through the post for review? As a taster, we’ve a full interview with the author Warwick Kinrade in the next issue... Read more
  • WS&S Sudan game at The Other Partizan

    The Other Partizan show is this Sunday (the 2nd) at Kelham Hall, Newark, UK. The Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy team will be running Mark Backhouse’s... Read more
  • Paul's Platoon

    Hi there folks! Just a quick update on my progress with Project Platoon. I started at quite a pace before Christmas and was planning to... Read more
  • Panzers for pennies

    I had always been keen to add a few 28mm WW2 tanks and vehicles to my collection. When I first started collecting WW2 in this scale... Read more

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