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  • Warlord Games Day 2013

    I was invited to attend the Warlord games day held at the Lenton Business Centre in Nottingham. The day was HOT and proved to be... Read more
  • The Americans are coming! 31st June 1778

    While over in the Netherlands, Jasper and I took the opportunity to have a game of AWI Black Powder . In our scenario, the Tea... Read more
  • Stockholm Trip

    I am back from my holidays and settled in at work again, so it is time for another blog. Last time I left you with... Read more
  • Bases and Sculpting

    It has been a while since I last posted a blog so this week I have a super-sized blog for you this time. I left... Read more
  • Enfilade 2013 Part 1

    Some of you may recall that I was invited to the Enfilade Convention (in Olympia, Washington, USA) at the end of May 2013. I was... Read more
  • Green Shaggy Pelts

    Last time I showed you my attempt to replicate a missing shield for my Viking berserker, using a green stuff press mould. In this blog... Read more
  • Green Shields and other stuff

    Last time, I left you all with the promise of green stuff modelling and I hope this blog will not disappoint. It took me some... Read more
  • Noob Zone in NL

    Back in March, my friend Rene van den Assem and I tried a couple of games of FOW using two small German armies he has... Read more
  • Leipzig 2013

    A few weeks ago I was in Leipzig for the weekend, attending Wave Gotic Treffen, an alternative music festival covering Darkwave, EBM and of course... Read more
  • Sure footed

    Last weekend I took the time to work on the first of my Viking warriors. Though my concentration was tested by the new boxer puppy... Read more

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