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  • 6mm Painting project

    Per Broden at Roll a One blog has been organising a 6mm gaming project to bring together over 40 gamers and raise a bit of... Read more
  • Buffalo Soldiers - the US 92nd Infantry Division Part I

    One of the *ahem* many projects I've had waiting in the hobby mountain for a couple of years now is starting a new US force... Read more
  • Ships of the line - in contrast

    For Poldercon 2020, I painted several Black Seas ships for the participation game I was running there. Now here was the problem, how to transport... Read more
  • Ottoman bombards

    In 1453 the city of Constantinople was captured, thanks to the help of a Hungarian engineer called Urban. Mehmet II the Ottoman sultan employed him... Read more
  • Early-War German Vehicles Part 2

    At the start of the month, I challenged myself to clear my backlog (traffic-jam?) of vehicles from my early-war German forces, and I'm pleased to... Read more
  • A classic Napoleonic delight

    Napoleonics were my first love in wargaming. It all stems back to watching Waterloo aged about five. Mum brought me a big ice cream tub... Read more
  • The Wargamer's Notebook

    Like many wargamers, I played a lot in my teens, fell out of the habit in my early 20s and then rediscovered it as an... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 40: Sculpting with Hicks

    Slowly coming out of self-isolation, the team discusses the news, catches up on hobby time and their crushing defeat at their first Kriegspiel run by... Read more
  • Softening Waterslide Decals

    Today I'd like to explore something that's dear to my heart. Naturally, it's not new to many of our seasoned modellers out there, but it's... Read more
  • Basing dilemmas

    Basing can be real trauma especially for new wargamers. With so much choice in different rulesets, what should new gamers do with their newly acquired... Read more

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