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  • The Monmouth Rebellion

    I’ve always had a fascination with James Scott, Duke of Monmouth; the man who would be king. It started at Grammar School with my old... Read more
  • First Look: Relic Hannibal (28mm)

    Get your jeweller’s glass ready… here’s the Relic Hannibal. Relic Miniatures is a relatively new company with an ever expanding range of miniatures for the... Read more
  • What can you expect from the new WS&S?

    There has been much deliberation and planning which has gone into the re-launch of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy. What sort of magazine should we be... Read more
  • Bolt Action British Para Boxed Set 28mm

    Tally ho! Bolt Action released boxed sets of British and German Paras. They have revamped their ranges from packs of four into boxed sets of... Read more
  • Galloping Major Anglo American Rangers 28mm

    Galloping Major is a new company specialising in the French Indian wars fought between 1754 and 1763, as part of the larger Seven Years war... Read more
  • Warbases 28mm Stable

    Warbases is a company which (as the name suggests) provides bases for the discerning wargamer. They have recently started a range of buildings cut from... Read more
  • First Look: Gripping Beast Saxons (size 28mm)

    Following on from their successful plastic Vikings comes the Saxon Thegns, the elite warriors of Anglo Saxon society. The box contains a massive 44 models... Read more
  • A new dawn

    Back in May 2010, a day after Revistas put the English magazine ‘on hold’, I was contacted by Jasper Oorthuys. of Ancient Warfare magazine. He... Read more
  • First look at "Operation Squad"

    Operation Squad is a newly released game for squad sized World War 2 actions. So what do you get for your money? 48 full colour... Read more
  • First Look: Plastic Soldier T34 Tanks (15mm Scale)

    Plastic Soldier have released a boxed set of T34 tanks in the popular 15mm scale. Each box contains 5 plastic tank kits. The T34 was... Read more

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