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  • WSS podcast episode 45: 'If at first you don't succeed'

    The WSS team were curious to see what this whole 'remote gaming' lark was all about, so we tried it out. Guy hosted a game... Read more
  • War Movies for Beginners: 'The Liberator'

    Like many in the hobby, I like to have 'something on in the background' whilst I'm modelling. Less so, maybe, when I'm painting, but certainly... Read more
  • Prepare for Shieldwall!

    With the second lockdown, a number of wargamers must be feeling the pinch with no games being played. I am lucky that my lodger is... Read more
  • Sarissa Precision Horsa Glider Build

    It's always good to attack the 'Great Pile of Unbuilt', isn't it? - Well, after a long time waiting, I recently decided to take the... Read more
  • A walk with the pup

    Normally towards the end of the year as the days grow shorter I spend some time contemplating the year gone by, and friends I will... Read more
  • Growing Up with History: Hilsea Lines

    As the son of a sailor, I grew up in Portsmouth, on the south coast of England, and I was lucky enough therefore to grow... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 44: ‘Lead or plastic'

    To some, one of the more surprising results from the Great Wargaming Survey was the preference for plastic miniatures over the metal variety. Reason enough... Read more
  • Rubicon Models Panzer III build notes

    This is the relatively new Panzer III from Rubicon Models, and it's a beauty. The main constituent parts of this model are not yet glued... Read more
  • Pavlov's House Build - Part 2

    'Pavlov' - does that ring a bell? A couple of months ago I finished making a small part of the famous 'Pavlov's House' in kit... Read more
  • Western Desert Campaign Day

    We're still limited here with our social mixing - and quite rightly too - but a few of us got together last week for a... Read more

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