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  • An Introduction to 'Oathmark'

    With the most careful of precautions in place, I was finally able to get in a game recently - with our editor Guy, as it... Read more
  • 3D Printing a French truck, an easy task?

    I'm mostly enjoying my 3D printing experiences and I thought I'd share my latest adventures. I've had a 28mm early war French army for over... Read more
  • WSS podcast episode 41: military history ignorance

    Instead of an interview to fill out the show, the team thought a virtual pub-quiz might be a good idea. One about military history, obviously... Read more
  • Buffalo Soldiers - the US 92nd Infantry Division Part II

    Recently (in Part I, here) I discussed starting a long-stalled project of mine, the US Buffalo Soldiers, fighting their way up through Italy in the... Read more
  • Like buses...

    The Covid pandemic hit tabletop gaming in a funny way. For most of us the inability to meet friends for a face to face game... Read more
  • Building Pavlov's House

    A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of the lovely 'Pavlov's House' kits from Things From The... Read more
  • The beauty and horrors of home 3D printing

    Recently, I was lent a 3D printer by a very generous friend (thank you Wolfie!). It is a basic Creality CR-10, but it is still... Read more
  • 6mm Painting project

    Per Broden at Roll a One blog has been organising a 6mm gaming project to bring together over 40 gamers and raise a bit of... Read more
  • Buffalo Soldiers - the US 92nd Infantry Division Part I

    One of the *ahem* many projects I've had waiting in the hobby mountain for a couple of years now is starting a new US force... Read more
  • Ships of the line - in contrast

    For Poldercon 2020, I painted several Black Seas ships for the participation game I was running there. Now here was the problem, how to transport... Read more

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