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  • Converting Algoryn

    I love playing with plastics and seeing what conversions I can come up with. So when the new plastic Algoryn for Beyond the Gates of... Read more
  • Senatus Populusque Romanus 217BC Part 2

    I’m collecting a Polybian Roman army for our 217BC ancients project. To build my army, I’ll be using a variety of manufacturers in both plastic... Read more
  • New Year's 2017

    2016 is no more and another new year’s day is upon us. For me, I am not sorry to see the old year go. It... Read more
  • Unboxing 'Strike on Kar'a Nine'

    I received an unexpected and most welcome Christmas present, courtesy of Warlord Games - Strike on Kar’a Nine for the Science Fiction game Beyond the... Read more
  • Senatus Populusque Romanus 217BC

    “Res publica Populi Romani” - For the people and Republic of Rome! As part of our 217BC project, I am painting a 28mm Republican Roman... Read more
  • My local Club - the Brixham Berserkers

    I’ve written many a blog about my exploits and my hobbies, but not once have I really dedicated one to the people I regularly game... Read more
  • Gnolls in Space!

    Every now and again, I get the conversion ‘bug’. I’ve talked about it many times before, and about my love of converting plastic miniatures. Back... Read more
  • Swordpoint arrives!

    I’ve been playing Swordpoint for a while, with a ‘proof’ version Martin at Gripping Beast gave me. It was good enough for me to grasp... Read more
  • A glorious naval past

    A few days before Crisis 2016, my girlfriend and I took a tour of the museums of Amsterdam - I am fortunate that Emma has... Read more
  • Pygmies!

    The darkest Africa game Congo from Studio Tomahawk certainly has caused a stir of interest at my local club. So much so, in fact, that... Read more

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