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  • The Dutch AWI Project - final week - 1

    Editor’s note: because of the Great Wargaming Survey, ongoing reports on the Dutch AWI project have been kept under wraps. However, since the day of battle... Read more
  • Harrowbeer Airfield

    Last weekend my girlfriend Emma and I took a trip to an open day at Yelverton. Between 1941 and 1945, there was an airdrome at... Read more
  • Konflikt 47

    Konflikt 47 The latest rules release from Warlord Games is Konflikt 47, a complete and self contained Weird World War 2 wargames set of rules. So what’s... Read more
  • Starting my first Hirst Arts

    In  my recent blog, I wrote about how I’d started collecting and casting Hirst Arts molds. Well, I thought it was time to give you... Read more
  • Chasing the Goose

    Prague is steeped in history, dating from its early foundings to the present day. One of Prague’s most famous inhabitants was Jan Hus, the preacher... Read more
  • Congo!

    Last week we received a copy of Congo, the new game from Studio Tomahawk. The book is hardback and full colour throughout, with excellent pictures... Read more
  • Historical Prague

    Last week, I spent a few days in Prague after having a meeting with Jasper and the rest of the Karwansaray team in Holland. What an... Read more
  • Converting Hussars 3

    In some recent blogs, I’ve been discussing my conversion of the Warlord French Hussars into their Russian counterparts, covering the various challenges I’ve encountered in... Read more
  • Board in the City

    Last Wednesday, I popped down the Southampton to help my son move house. Having packed all ready for his move, we had a little time... Read more
  • The Somme

    Today sees the start of the remembrance celebrations for the Battle of the Somme, fought from July 1st to the 18th of November 1916. It... Read more

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