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Painting the Junkers Ju 88

In my last blog, I discussed my planning for painting a Junkers Ju 88 for Blood Red Skies. Now to paint the model.

I painted the underside light blue first, then the entire top Dunkelgrün. As painting the straight camouflage lines can be tricky, I decided to use masking tape to get the sharp edges I wanted. I then applied the Schwartzgrün.

This worked well except disaster struck, as I peeled off the tape, some of the paint came away. Thankfully it was an easy fix and a quick touch-up. Next time I'll remember to seal the kit with a layer of varnish and put on two layers of the Dunkelgrün (as you can see from the photos, it's a little thin).

It may have been my failure to clean the plastic before I undercoated it. I then added the glass panels to the kit. In future, I might paint over the windows, as they don't quite look right to me. I saw an excellent example of this at the Warlord store in Nottingham.

The transfers were a little large for the kit, but once added, the final model looks pretty good. I'm tempted to add a wash over it to make it less 'factory fresh'.  The JU 88 will make an excellent addition to our Blood Red Skies games. Now to get hold of some Me-109's and some more JU 88s.

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