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Polishing up an old Gaz truck

Way back in 2015, I backed a Kickstarter for the Winter War. It was a very good Kickstarter (possibly too generous) and in due course, I received my models. The vehicles were particularly good, with a BA 10, T26, Aerosans and a Gaz truck.

Like with many things, I'd used some of the models from the Kickstarter but still have quite a few to paint and finish. I recently dug out the field kitchen (a goulash kanone!) to paint up as an objective. Alongside it was a Gaz truck I'd previously missed. I dusted them both off and prepared them for painting.

Rubicon wheels added to original metal chassis.

The original Gaz wheels were metal and looked satisfactory. I suddenly thought I could replace the metal wheels with high detail plastic ones, which would also reduce the weight of the model. The Rubicon kits have plenty of spare extra parts  - their T26 tank kit uses the same turret components as their BA10. The sprue with the turret also has the roadwheels for the BA10, these are the same wheels as the Gaz.

Old truck, new wheels!

The conversion (if I can really call it that) simply involved fitting the Rubicon rear wheels to the original metal chassis. For the front wheels, I added a small section of plastic rod so they'd fit into the grooves.

The finished truck, sprayed grey.

Kudos to Rubicon for their host of spare parts - I always find a good use for them. Many a time I've replaced a broken gun barrel or other parts from their spares.

Now all I have to paint the truck... what do you mean they don't do Vallejo Model Color Russian Green anymore?

  • Editor note: I am now hearing that several people did not receive their Kickstarter. I guess I was one of the lucky ones. I am truly sorry to hear of peoples' experiences with this project.



6 thoughts on “Polishing up an old Gaz truck”

  • Peter Schulein

    Be aware that this was NOT a good kickstarter. Lots of people have received either nothing or substantially less than ordered. The owner stopped communicating. Furthermore the same owner did a follow up kickstarter on ww2 trucks which were not delivered.

  • Burkhard

    I have mixed feelings about the Kickstarter as well.

    After communications got ever more sketchy, I contacted Gav and offered him to be forfeit the minis and just get the vehicles. He did send them out, although a different mix than agreed. My follow up messages were ignored.

    And as Peter said… the other Kickstarter done afterwards was a complete loss.

    I had briefly though about dropping by on the two occasions when we were in Cornwall since then, but decided against it… I am not the stalking kind. ?

  • John

    No mixed feelings from me: 100% a bad experience.

    Gavin took my money and lied to me repeatedly, stringing me on for over a year before finally ghosting me altogether.

    I never got a single miniature or KS money back (£120.00).

    (I was able to get a refund on the money I spent on he add-ons. I paid for them separately using PayPal, filed a fraud claim, and got my money back.)

  • Gary

    I never received anything from this Kickstarter.

  • patrick diederiks
    patrick diederiks August 26, 2021 at 9:54 am

    I lost a lot of money with this KS, received a few models and after that only promises
    cost me a couple of honderd euro's :-)

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