Senatus Populusque Romanus 217BC

“Res publica Populi Romani” - For the people and Republic of Rome! As part of our 217BC project, I am painting a 28mm Republican Roman army.

Rome in action.

In truth, I’ve wanted to collect a Polybian Roman ancient army for quite a while. Back over a decade ago, I’d collected a Carthaginian Army for Warhammer Ancient Battles, using the excellent Hannibal supplement written by Allen Curtis. WAB is sadly long gone (the game is still there, but the player base isn’t), so I’ll be looking at playing our 217BC games with Swordpoint and Hail Caesar. I’ll be basing my armies to the Swordpoint standard, as I can use that basing standard with Hail Caesar with no issues.

Mighty Aventine Romans

The next question is what manufacturers to use. My force will primarily be plastic from Victrix and Agema mixed in with several metal ranges for good measure. As I like variety, I plan to use all the miniatures at my disposal. As I like converting and want similar helmets with my units, I’m also converting and swapping heads and parts between the Victrix and Agema. I will do a future blog on these conversions. Conversion work for me is always fun and allows me to come up with a unique combination of models.

Foundry Romans

The addition of metal gives me more command poses and general variety. Together, the plastic and metal will make an impressive fighting line to awe the enemies of Rome. I’ll also cover the painting of my Legions in a future blog, as I am taking part in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge and have to post finished units on there first (according to the rules of the challenge). I’ll keep you posted how I get on!

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