US Vehicles for the Painting Challenge


After my previous entries for the 11th Annual Analogue Painting Challenge, which has involved clearing the backlog of my 1/56 WW2 British vehicles, I've finally managed to get a few more bits and bobs done, so please find below a modest collection of vehicles intended to act in loose support of my US 92nd Buffalo Soldiers as they move up through Italy...and a little something extra, too, for the Sherman 105 doubles-up as a British Firefly IC!

Challenge-wise, I claimed 90 points for this, as it's really three full vehicles (at 20 points each) plus two hulls and one chassis (10+10+10).

Firstly, we have an M8/M20 Greyhound (Rubicon):

(The non-turreted version isn't pictured here - I forgot!)

Next, to work with the sneaky recce element above, an M18 Hellcat (Warlord Games):

Now this is an M4 High Speed Tractor (a beautiful model from RKX Miniatures with additional stowage from Rubicon):

And finally, the US Sherman 105mm, which (due to the awesomeness of Rubicon kits) can be re-hulled as a British Firefly IC, which here I've painted up in Polish colours. After a LOT of thinking and planning, I worked out that the differences in shades of green could be mitigated by a cunning combination of blended weathering and some artistically arranged Warlord Stowage on the glacis plate, necessitating a shift of the Firefly's insignia to the upper hull:

And here’s how the sausage gets made:

Here's to the looming end of the challenge this weekend, eh? - I've loved the inspiration taken from the other participants, and I'd really encourage you to check out the blog (link at the top)...

- Chris K

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