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Why am I painting Dwarfs?

A strange thing has happened to me recently. I am painting Dwarfs. This is very curious, as they are literally the last fantasy army I'd consider collecting. And yet, here I am, paintbrush in one hand, Dwarf on a 'lid' in the other.

Oathmark might be partially responsible or Warlords of Erehwon, but I owe my main debt to my old friend Paul Houghton. Paul sadly passed in 2006 but I still remember him fondly. He had a Dwarf army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, so I guess I feel like I am following in his footsteps. Yes, it is nostalgia.

I'm using the 25mm square Oathmark bases, rather than round ones (which seems to be the norm for Erehwon), as I do like the look of ranked up units. I'm enjoying playing Oathmark, even though currently it is in a limited capacity!

I should note that my friend James O thinks I am quite mad collecting Dwarves when I should be doing Elves instead (I have a half-painted Wood Elf army). He has a huge Games Workshop Orc (or should that be Ork?) collection.

The models are mostly from the North Star Oathmark range, mostly plastic with some metal characters. I do have some from Antediluvian Miniatures and Conqueror Models, both of which will mix in nicely. I also plan to get some female Dwarves from Bad Squiddo Games.

I'm enjoying painting them, and it is nice for once to get some complete units finished for a game. If there is any interest, I'll go into to quick painting method I used. I could use a little paint to add some highlights. I'll let you know how I get on with them too!





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