WSS Podcast 15

Salute's behind us and we decided not to have too much of an evaluation! Not too much, but we inevitably did talk about it anyway. Guy also has some news, but mostly he had a sit-down with Rick Priestley. Have a listen and, as always, tell us what you thought! Like this announcement, we had a good ramble.

2 thoughts on “WSS Podcast 15”

  • Chris King

    Fascinating interview! - Cheers.

  • Keith Flint

    Oh for shame! Accusing Don Featherstone of basing his games on 'how far a man can move in 30 seconds' etc. The Don was famous for basing his move and firing distances on the size of the table and what felt right - exactly the 'top down' approach that Rick sensibly favours. Charles Grant was much the same, until he briefly fell under the spell of WRG for his ancient wargaming. At least, that's my understanding.

    Overall, a very interesting podcast which I listened to with great pleasure. I was fascinated to hear Rick mention that presentation was a big part of game design, and would have loved to hear more about that.

    Anyway, thanks guys for a good listen.

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