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WSS podcast episode 30: The Joy of Six and the GWS 2019 launches

While Guy was at Joy of Six earlier in July, he was cordially 'invited' to participate in a panel discussion about all-things related to small-scale wargaming. Since we didn't get around to that last time & as the Great Wargaming Survey has just started, we decided on an impromptu extra episode.

(if you're looking for episode 29, you'll find it in the Great Wargaming Survey category).

Don't forget to take the Great Wargaming Survey 2019 before August 31st!

One thought on “WSS podcast episode 30: The Joy of Six and the GWS 2019 launches”

  • Brian Cameron

    As the chap who raised the point about big battles and command levels could I just say that I seriously feel that specific rules are needed. On that scale combat needs to be abstracted down to the basics of who won, what were the changes in position. I'm not much for the dicing to see whether units do as they are told, it's a matter of starting with a plan and then having a mechanism for units coming to a halt in response to the enemy action and making changes of plan realistically difficult. There's then a good reason for having a reserve.
    Good broadcast, I must catch more.
    PS you can buy cork granules...

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