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WSS podcast episode 37: White pants and Waterloo myths

Where did episode 36 go? Somebody seems to have forgotten to post it, but it's right here. In the meantime, the team recorded another episode. Bookending a lecture by Gareth Glover on the story of the 52nd of Foot at Crusade, we discuss our painting and gaming progress, as well as historical research. And mostly we talk a lot about white pants, or so it seemed.

One thought on “WSS podcast episode 37: White pants and Waterloo myths”

  • Wim Van den Berghe
    Wim Van den Berghe March 21, 2020 at 1:16 pm

    That was a very interesting lecture on the 52nd at Waterloo! I only wish I had a map, it would make it easier to follow what Mr Gary Glover was telling.

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