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  • Exclusive preview! Wargames Atlantic Persians.

    Wargames Atlantic have released to WS&S a preview of painted samples of their 28mm Persian range. They are due for release later this year. Size... Read more
  • Clermont Prince Regiment in 28mm

    Crann Tara Miniatures are releasing the Clermont Prince regiment for the Seven Years War in 28mm. Both mounted and foot versions will be available. For... Read more
  • Plastic Roman light cavalry available

    Gripping Beast have released their 28mm plastic Late Roman light cavalry. There are 12 in the box which can be built as Equites Sagittarii, Equites... Read more
  • New French Napoleonic Arillery

    Perry Miniatures have released new French Artillery for the Napoleonic Wars. The artillery is the 8 pdr and is available as firing, loading or aiming... Read more
  • SPQR now available

    Warlord Games' latest game of Ancient Warbands is now available. SPQR and several faction sets can now be purchased. Scale is 28mm. For more information... Read more
  • Black Sun US Army Characters

    Crucible Crush Games has launched a Kickstarter for Cthulhu 1968: Black Sun. Shown here is a preview of their US Army characters for the Kickstarter... Read more
  • Plastic Byzantine cavalry

    Fireforge Games has released previews of their Byzantine cavalry in 28mm. There will be two sets, one of light and one of heavy cavalry. For... Read more
  • Plastic Dacian command preview

    Victrix Limited has previewed renders of their Dacian command figures. These will be available in the near future. For more information, click here:  Read more
  • Britannia boardgame Kickstarter launched

    PSC Games has launched its Kickstarter for the classic Britannia board game, which recreates the turbulent history of Britain from 43 AD to 1066AD. For... Read more
  • Danish/Norwegian artillery for Napoleonics

    Perry Miniatures have released artillery sets for the Danish (and Norwegian) Napoleonic period in 28mm. They have also added light infantry/Jagers skirmishing with rifles. For... Read more

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