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Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy News

  • 28mm plastic Almughavars

    Fireforge Games are releasing plastic Almughavars. The set contains 24 models with a mix of javelins, spears and swords. For more information, click here: Read more
  • 28mm plastic Late Roman archers

    Victrix Limited have released previews of their plastic Late Roman archers built in different poses. They can also be built as staff slingers. Their release... Read more
  • Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy at Salute 2021

    Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy are reporting live at Salute 2021. We won't have a trade stand but we'll still be at the show. Watch out... Read more
  • Collapsible MDF buildings

    4Ground are now offering the Mad Bob Miniatures range of collapsible buildings in 28mm. These are designed to fold flat for easy storage. For more... Read more
  • 28mm plastic Irish announced

    Gripping Beast has announced that they will be releasing plastic Irish warriors in Mid November. The set includes Dane axes and much more! For more... Read more
  • 28mm WW2 US tank commanders

    Empress Miniatures has announced it is releasing tank commanders suitable for US tanks. These are suitable for the 1944-45 period. For more information, click here: Read more
  • 1809 Brunswickers

    Perry Miniatures has released the Black Band, 1809 Brunswickers who were involved in the 'fight to the sea' and the battles of Halberstadt & Ölper... Read more
  • Plastic 1/56 M151A1 'MUTT'

    Rubicon Models has revealed the sprues for its M151A1 'MUTT' 1/4 ton transport. This successor to the Jeep saw action in Vietnam and other conflicts... Read more
  • Army Painter announces Speed Paints range

    Army Painter is releasing their own range of speed paints, similar to the Citadel Contrast and the Scale 75 Instant Colour ranges. For more information... Read more
  • 28mm plastic Auxilia bowmen

    Victrix Limited has released 28mm plastic Roman auxiliaries with bows. The models come with both western and eastern archer heads. For more information, click here: Read more

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