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  • Canadian armoured CT15A armoured truck

    Empress Miniatures has released a Canadian CT15A truck, used by the British and Canadian forces in World War 2. The French used them in Vietnam... Read more
  • Roman Tombs

    Warbases has announced it is releasing a set of Roman Tombs as scenery or markers to accompany Infamy Infamy! The set consists of six resin tombs... Read more
  • 'Models for Heroes' charity auction Oct 31st

    Models for Heroes are having a charity fundraiser on YouTube at 7pm on October 31st. Two large lots of Rubicon Models will be auctioned, amongst... Read more
  • 'Journey to Myrkviord' Kickstarter

    Bifrost Miniatures are running a Kickstarter for a range of six fantasy hero characters. There are also some interesting stretch goals including female centaurs, owlbears... Read more
  • PSC preview Ultracast HYW infantry

    Plastic Soldier Company are re-releasing the Corvus Belli Hundred Years War infantry in Ultracast (flexible plastic resin). These are due November. For more information, click... Read more
  • 28mm plastic Persian archers

    Victrix has announced that their 28mm plastic Persian archers are now available. There are 30 in a bag, priced at £25. For more information, click... Read more
  • Plastic dark age slingers

    Victrix has shown off previews of their Dark Age slingers. The set will be convertible with other sets to make more dark age warrior variants... Read more
  • Stargrave announced by Osprey Games

    Stargrave, a sci-fi version of Frostgrave has been announced. The game is due to be launched in April 2021. For more information, click here:  Read more
  • Crusade 2021 cancelled

    The Penarth and District Wargamers have announced that they have cancelled Crusade 2021, due to coronavirus uncertainty. They have rescheduled the show for Saturday 29th... Read more
  • Raise the Black flag Kickstarter

    Firelock Games have launched their third Kickstarter for their highly successful pirate game Blood and Plunder. The Kickstarter is promising to fund plastic pirates and... Read more

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