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  • New releases from Commando minatures

    Warbases are releasing several new vehicles and scenery for Commando Miniatures. These include a Land Rover Mark 1 (hardtop and open top), a Ferret scout... Read more
  • Plastic Middle Eastern buildings

    Renedra Ltd has released a set of three buildings in plastic for the Middle East. The models come with a detailed internal floor, doors and... Read more
  • Anglo Sikh command

    Iron Duke Miniatures has released more British miniatures for the Anglo Sikh Wars. Shown here are command, sculpted by Paul Hicks. For more information, click... Read more
  • USS Missouri for Victory at Sea

    Warlord Games have released USS Missouri, an Iowa class battleship, for their Victory at Sea game. For more information, click here: Read more
  • 3D printed French crowdfunder on Ulule

    Eskice Miniatures has launched a crowd funder for Early WW2 French. They are available either as STL files (for home 3D printing) or as finished... Read more
  • Perry plastic Afghans preorder

    Perry Miniatures have announced that their 28mm plastic Afghans are available for preorder. Buy three packs for a special Maiwand miniature. For more information, click... Read more
  • 3D Colour printed shields

    Flatpack Forces have announced they are developing colour 3D printed shields. Other shield shapes will be produced. These will be available in the next few... Read more
  • New 15mm Mexican Revolution

    Martin Goddard of Peter Pig has announced a new Mexican Revolution range is in the works. No models are available as of yet, but they... Read more
  • Plastic 1/56 T54 Tank

    Rubicon Models has announced it will be producing a 1/56 scale T54 tank. This is part of their new Modern range. For more information, click... Read more
  • New 15mm Ultracast Imperial Romans and Celts

    The Plastic Soldier Company have announced that the Corvus Belli Imperial Romans and Celts are now available in Ultracast plastic resin. They have been boxed... Read more

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