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  • New pulp range - 'Funky Pop'

    Funky Skull Games will soon be releasing a range of pulp-inspired characters, including teen adventurers, daring detectives and duelling sea dogs. The miniatures are due... Read more
  • Plastic 20mm Gaz trucks

    Plastic Soldier Company has announced that their 20mm Gaz truck kits are now available. A 15mm version will be ready soon. There are six trucks... Read more
  • Plastic Aztec preview

    Wargames Atlantic has previewed their plastic Aztec infantry sprue. It includes Warrior Society and commoner infantry, both with a variety of weapons. For more information... Read more
  • Women of World War 2: Soviet Russia Kickstarter

    Bad Squiddo Games have just launched a Kickstarter for female Soviet soldiers in Winter gear. The Kickstarter includes female pilots (Night Witches), command and infantry... Read more
  • Stargrave Nickstarter launched

    Northstar has launched their 'Nickstarter' for Stargrave. Preorder the game and some of the miniatures for it in the new release 'bundles' on offer. For... Read more
  • 28mm Volksgrenadier Support

    Emperor Toads have launched a preorder for their Volksgrenadier support. The range includes two Panzerschrek teams, an HQ with a medic, a mortar team, a... Read more
  • Rubicon announces 1/56 riverline range.

    Date April 1st. Rubicon Models has announced a range of one part 1/56 riverline craft, starting with the Sampan. Future releases include a Zuber LCAC... Read more
  • New plastic Napoleonic Camp followers

    Date April 1st. Wargames Atlantic have announced they will be releasing a range of plastic camp followers for the Napoleonic period. There will be 48... Read more
  • Warlord Games announces 'Army in a Can' spray!

    Date April 1st. Warlord Games has announced their new "Army in a can". One spray completes the miniature! Available in Sci-Fi, Waffen SS Camo and... Read more
  • 28mm WW2 Bulgarians

    Great Escape Games are releasing a range of WW2 Bulgarians. The range includes infantry (two completely different squads plus platoon HQ) and support weapons (MMG... Read more

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