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Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy News

  • 1866 Bavarians

    North Star has announced they are producing 28mm Bavarians suitable for the War of 1866. Infantry packs should be available next week along with gun... Read more
  • 1/56 Trenchworx Grille now available at Warlord Games

    Warlord Games are now selling the Trenchworx vehicles, starting with the Grille Ausf K self-propelled gun. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Prepainted plastic furniture for 28mm

    Things from the Basement are offering pre-painted sets of plastic furniture to add to buildings for 28mm gamers. The sets include a lounge set, one... Read more
  • Plastic Austrian Cavalry ready for preorder

    Perry Miniatures have announced that their plastic Austrian cavalry set in 28mm is ready for preorder. For more information, click here:  Read more
  • Panzer III preview

    Rubicon Models has a preview of the soon to be released Panzer III kit. It will contain every variant H/J/L/M/N plus the Flammpanzer III, giving... Read more
  • Preview of Medieval Spanish heavy infantry

    Fireforge Games have announced they will be producing Medieval Spanish heavy infantry in plastic for 28mm. These will be useful as Crusaders and other European... Read more
  • Let's Roll - virtual wargames convention

    Let's Roll, the virtual wargames convention is being held today (May 16th) and will be starting in a few hours (at 10am EDT). For more... Read more
  • 28mm plastic giant spiders

    Wargames Atlantic have released previews of their 28mm plastic Giant Spiders. The frame will include smaller spiders and options to 'upgrade' the spiders to a... Read more
  • Plastic Sdkfz10 Prime Mover

    Rubicon Models have announced they are producing an Sdkfz 10 half track prime mover in 1/56 scale. For more information, click here: Read more
  • 10mm fantasy - Metal Warrior Minitures

    Seb Games has announced a new range of 10mm fantasy. The first ranges will include Rattifolk and Lizardfolk. For more information, click here: Read more

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