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  • Sumerian Chariots

    Eureka Miniatures have announced the release of a 15mm Sumerian range. It includes infantry, command and chariots. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Strontium Dog preorder

    Warlord Games have announced the preorder of Strontium Dog, the Good, the Bad and the Mutie. The game based is based on the Strontium Dog... Read more
  • Plastic Flakpanzer preview

    Rubicon Models have released a preview of their soon to be released Flakpanzer upgrade kit for the Panzer IV. The plastic kit comes with four... Read more
  • Bounty Hunter Kickstarter

    Antediluvian Miniatures have launched a Kickstarter for 28mm Sci-Fi Bounty Hunters. There are eight Bounty Hunters plus several stretch goals. Ideal for several Sci-Fi games. For... Read more
  • Spanish Fort KickStarter

    Philip Page has announced a new Kickstarter for a Spanish resin fort in 28mm.  The model is based on an actual fort of the period. Stretch... Read more
  • 10mm Houses

    4Ground has released a range of very realistic buildings in 10mm. Current releases include a hotel and rows of houses. For more information, click here: For... Read more
  • Plastic Sdkfz 222/223

    Rubicon Models have announced that their next release wave due in July will contain a Sdkfz 222 Armoured car. It can be built as a... Read more
  • Kansas Redlegs WIP

    Company D Miniatures has been working on more Kansas Redleg raiders for their Missouri / Kansas Border war range. Size is 28mm. For more information, click... Read more
  • BA 6 and BA 10

    Rubicon Models has published 3D images of their BA6 and BA10 Armoured car. These will be available soon in plastic. Scale 1/56. For more information, click... Read more
  • Lincoln game available for preorder.

    Martin Wallace's Lincoln ACW board game is available to preorder from Plastic Soldier Company. For more information, click here: For the PSC Facebook, click here: Read more

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