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  • Stalinets tractor

    Mad Bob Miniatures has announced a new Soviet Tractor for their 1/56 range, the Stalinets S-65.  Adapted from agricultural tractors, these were used to tow... Read more
  • Wargames Atlantic Persian transfers

    Relic Miniatures has produced a fourth set of Persian transfers for the Atlantic plastic Persians. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Satyrs and Scythians kickstarter

    RGD Gaming has launched a Kickstarter for both plastic Satyrs but also for Scythians and Amazons, so this project will be of interest to both... Read more
  • Union Asunder 3D ACW Kickstarter

    Henry Turner has launched a Kickstarter for the American Civil War. The STL print files can be resized from 28mm to 10mm. The set includes... Read more
  • Free 'Home Army' supplement for Chain of Command

    TooFat Lardies and Bad Squiddo Games have come together to produce a supplement covering the 'home front' for Chain of Command. For more information, click... Read more
  • 28mm WW1 and WW2 plastic French infantry

    Wargames Atlantic have previewed their French infantry, which will be suitable for both WW1 and WW2. Several head options will be provided, including senegalese and... Read more
  • Warbases - Lends a helping hand

    Warbases has offered its customers a helping hand by letting them have some free MDF bases to complete their wargaming needs. For more information, click... Read more
  • 28mm plastic Prussian Reserve infantry

    Wargames Atlantic has announced that their new 'Army Builder' range of Napoleonic infantry will soon be available. The first box will be Prussian Reserve infantry... Read more
  • 28mm classic fantasy adventurers

    Emperor Toads is launching a range of classic murder hobos, fantasy adventurers in 28mm. These are inspired by the classic 1980s fantasy ranges. For more... Read more
  • New 28mm BAOR from Empress

    Empress Miniatures has announced new additions to its BAOR range for the Cold War. These include more rifle variants plus support, including Carl Gustav, Bren... Read more

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