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  • Mad Dogs with Guns

    Osprey Games is publishing a prohibition-era set of rules called 'Mad Dogs with Guns'. It is due for release in June. https://www.facebook.com/OspreyGames/ Read more
  • Sharp Practice open day April 2nd

    TooFat Lardies and Wargames Illustrated are running a Sharp Practice Open Day on April 2nd. Richard Clarke himself will be in attendance (and he runs... Read more
  • VSF Airship for Pulp Gaming

    Rusti of Crossover Miniatures has launched a kickstarter for an MDF Victorian Science Fiction Airship. Ideal for adventures in the Jungles of Venus or the... Read more
  • Post War 10mm Armour

    Pendraken have released Post World War 2 Armour, including the M26 Pershing, M45 Pershing, M60 A1 and A2 and Centurion Bridgelayer. More information Read more
  • 1/56 scale A34 Comet Tank

    Warlord Games have released an A34 Comet tank for the British. The ideal tank to take on German heavy armour. More information Read more
  • New box art from Rubicon

    Rubicon models have released box art for their next set of releases. They include a Sherman HVSS and more upgrade kits for the Sdkfz 250/251... Read more
  • 28mm Female Russian Scouts

    Bad Squiddo games have released pictures of the new 28mm Female Russian Scouts for World War 2. The set includes LMG teams, snipers and forward... Read more
  • 28mm Ancient Indian Chariot

    The Miniature Company are releasing a 28mm two horse Indian Chariot shortly as part of their growing 28mm Indian range. Click here for more details. Read more
  • 28mm Koy Carp pond

    New flat rubber backed Koi Pond (7.2 x 9.4 inches) now available as a separate item from Tiny Wargames. Read more
  • 28mm plastic naked fanatics

    Victrix Miniatures have released a review of their naked fanaticsĀ in plastic. This will be part of a set of plastic Gaul releases, including standard unarmoured... Read more

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