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  • New releases from Bad Squiddo

    Annie at Bad Squiddo games has released three new models - Raging Annie the apocalypse survivor, Mrs June (any likeness to a politician is coincidental... Read more
  • Mansio Roman house

    Warbases have announced more Roman buildings in their Vendi Vidi Vici range. The new additions include a Roman Church, Barracks and Stable blocks, Granary stores and... Read more
  • Plastic Dark Age and Medieval Archers

    Gripping Beast has announced the price for their new plastic archers. They will be £18 for a box of 30 models. For more information click here. Read more
  • Blitzkrieg Commander III at the printers

    Pendraken Miniatures will soon release the new version of Blitzkrieg Commander. No price is available as of yet, but it will be released at Salute 2017... Read more
  • Beyond the Gates of Antares army lists free online

    Warlord Games have released the Beyond the Gates of Antares army lists for all their factions as free PDF downloads on their site. Click here for... Read more
  • Tombstone Kickstarter

    Black Scorpion Miniatures have announced their new Kickstarter, Tombstone. It will be launched on the 5th April. More details when we have it. For more... Read more
  • Dark Age Plastic archers

    Gripping Beast have announced that their plastic release at Salute will be Dark Age plastic archers. They will be sold in 12's for SAGA and... Read more
  • 28mm MDF Japanese House

    'Blotz' has released a MDF Japanese house in 28mm. Ideal for Samurai themed games such as Test of Honour. for more information click here. Read more
  • 'To Kill a King' ready for preorder

    Warlord Games have announced the long awaited English Civil War supplement for Pike and Shotte is ready for preorder. To Kill a King covers the Civil... Read more
  • Victrix Imperial Romans released soon

    Victrix Miniatures is releasing their marching Imperial Romans in 28mm this weekend. Here is a shot of their test command sprue. The attacking Imperial Romans... Read more

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