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  • US Sub Chaser for Cruel Seas

    Warlord Games have released several new vessels for Cruel Seas. Included is a US SC-497 sub chaser. This coastal cutter served from 1941 until the end of... Read more
  • Allies of the Frontier Kickstarter

    Galloping Major has started a Kickstarter for the French Indian Wars. They are funding Anglo-American volunteers, provincial soldiers with a variety of cut down hats and... Read more
  • Warlords of Erehwon preorder

    Warlord Games have announced a new fantasy game, Warlords of Erehwon. The game uses the Gates of Antares D10 system and the dice activation of Bolt... Read more
  • Wz34 Armoured Car

    Kromlech Historical have released the Wz34 Polish Armoured Car in 1/56 scale. For more information, click here: For the Kromlech Historical Facebook, click here: Read more
  • MDF and Resin beds

    Charlie Foxtrot has released a range of beds for wargames buildings. They consist of made beds and covered beds for horror games. Scale is 28mm... Read more
  • New 28mm Sumerians

    CP Models has added some new packs of light infantry to their 28mm Sumerians. The miniatures have open hands to allow for a variety of... Read more
  • Goth Noble Cavalry from Gripping Beast

    Gripping Beast have just announced the release of plastic Goth noble cavalry. There are 12 mounted Goth nobles in the box. Price: £22.00 For more... Read more
  • Iron Age Homestead Kickstarter

    Steepled Hat Studios have launched a Kickstarter for 28mm painted Iron Age buildings. These would be suitable for Iron Age, Dark Age or Fantasy gaming... Read more
  • New 1939 Polish from Kromlech

    Kromlech Historical is now producing a range of 1939 Polish infantry for 28mm wargamers, including command and support options. For more information, click here: For... Read more
  • Battle Ravens Kickstarter

    The new game by Dan Mersey and Plastic Soldier Company has been launched via Kickstarter. Battle Ravens is a Dark Age battle game with factions... Read more

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