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  • Brigade Models fundraising for the NHS

    Brigade Models are offering 7.5% off their new releases. In addition, they are offering an additional 7.5% to the + HEROES charity fundraising for the... Read more
  • Ettin from Bifrost

    Bifrost miniatures have announced that they are producing an Ettin, the famous two-headed giant of legend. Designed to go with 28mm models, the giant stands... Read more
  • Army Painter announcement

    The Army Painter are converting their production line to make hand sanitiser at no cost to local schools for the Covid 19 crisis. Kudos to... Read more
  • 50% off By Fire and Sword rulebooks

    By Fire and Sword have made their starter rules free to download with six army lists. In addition, they are offering 50% off all books... Read more
  • Girls und Panzer kits announced

    Rubicon Models with Platz are producing Girls und Panzer kits. These will utilise the existing Rubicon kits (so are 1/56 scale) with transfers suitable for... Read more
  • Female dwarves from Bad Squiddo

    Bad Squiddo Games has released some 28mm scale dwarf shieldmaidens. Ideal for Oathmark, fantasy gaming or role-playing games. For more information, click here: For the... Read more
  • Preview of Victrix 12mm Infantry

    Victrix Limited has previewed their up and coming range of World War 2 infantry in 12mm. Here are some of the renders: For more information... Read more
  • Warlord Games is partially reopening

    Warlord Games is to partially reopen with a small volunteer staff. Sevice will be slower than usual, but that's necessary to keep within Government guidelines... Read more
  • Æthelflæd, lady of Mercia

    Footsore Miniatures have announced the release of Æthelflæd, the lady of Mercia. She is available mounted and on foot. For more information, click here:  Read more
  • Free Crooked Dice solo play rules

    Crooked Dice have announced some solo rules to be used with their Apocalypse survival horror setting. Take the ideas here and test them out with... Read more

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