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  • 15mm 'lockdown' sale

    Colonel Bills has announced a 'Lockdown Sale' on all their 15mm stock. You can now get 20% off their Xyston Miniatures 15mm ancients, Eureka Miniatures... Read more
  • German motorcycle recce team in 28mm

    Offensive Miniatures have released a German motorcycle recce team in 28mm. The kit consists of two motorcycles, one with sidecar. The crew are suitable for... Read more
  • Unimog 404

    Butlers Printed Models have released a Unimog 404 truck, commonly used worldwide. The model comes in four possible variants, as a flat bed, open back... Read more
  • Plastic Panzer II in 1/56

    Rubicon Models have announced that they are working on a Panzer II. The kit will come with Ausf A, B and C variants. For more... Read more
  • Kobolds from Bifrost Miniatures

    Bifrost Miniatures (a subsidiary of Warbases) is soon to release a range of Kobolds in 28mm. Ideal for harassing adventurers and dungeon crawls. For more... Read more
  • Australian Centurion for Vietnam

    Empress Miniatures have released an Australian Centurion for the Vietnam war. This resin and metal kit is in 1/50 scale. For more information, click here:  Read more
  • Tiran tanks from Butlers

    Butlers Printed Models have released a range of Tiran tanks (4, 4sh, 5, 5sh), repurposed and rearmed T54/55s used by the Israeli army. They are... Read more
  • Napoleonic sailors and cannon

    Emperor Toad is running a Kickstarter for Napoleonic sailors, a cannon and gun crew. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Plastic Great War German preview.

    Wargames Atlantic have released a preview of their Great War Germans. Here is a painted example by Matthew Leahy. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Fireforge announce Battlefleet WW2 Pacific

    Fireforge Games are going to run a Kickstarter for a World War 2 fleet game. They will run it at the end of summer 2020... Read more

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