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  • Soldiers of Christ in 28mm

    Footsore Miniatures has released twelve Soldiers of Christ, suitable for late dark ages and first Crusade. For more information, click here. Read more
  • Vendee rebels & Prussian Grenadiers in 18mm

    Lancashire Games has a new Vendee range and new Prussian Grenadiers in 18mm. They are due to be released in the next month. For more... Read more
  • 28mm Teutonic Knights on foot

    1st Corps has released a set of dismounted Templar knights for medieval gamers. The models come with different head and shield options. For more information... Read more
  • 15mm Sci-Fi Kickstarter - the Ikwen

    Loud Ninja Games have launched a Kickstarter for 15mm Sci-Fi for their Ikwen, a native species fighting for its independence. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Amazon and Dwarves Kickstarter last 24 hours

    The Bad Squiddo Games Kickstarter for 28mm Amazons and Dwarves has less than 24 hours to run. For more information, click here.  Read more
  • 28mm heads for ECW

    Steve Barber has released a range of heads for 28mm English Civil War miniatures. For more information, click here. Read more
  • Five days until Waterloo Replayed

    The Great Game Waterloo Replayed will take place next weekend at Kelvin Gallery at Glasgow University on the 16th and 17th June. See over 22000... Read more
  • Cossacks for Tsuba Miniatures

    Paul Hicks has revealed some of his latest 28mm sculpts for Tsuba Miniatures. They include mounted and dismounted Cossacks, plus 1920s armed German policemen. For... Read more
  • Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy at Games Expo 2019

    The editor of Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy will be reporting live this weekend from the UK Games Expo 2019. Check our Facebook for updates. For... Read more
  • Perry plastic French Infantry (1807-14) preview

    Perry miniatures have released pictures of painted 3ups of their new French infantry plastics. For more information, click here: Read more

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