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  • Plastic Dark Age Cavalry Preorder

    Gripping Beast have just announced that their Dark Age plastic cavalry set is up for Preorder. The box contains twelve cavalry models. These have separate... Read more
  • New 10mm League of Augsburg

    Pendraken Miniatures have expanded their 10mm League of Augsburg / War of Spanish Succession range, releasing more cavalry, flags and mounted command. For more information... Read more
  • MDF scenery for Ghost Archipelago

    Blotz has released a series of pieces of terrain for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago. These include a Jolly Boat, a Pool, a jungle platform and markers... Read more
  • 1/50 DAGOR Vehicle

    Special Artizan Services have released a heroic 28mm 1/50 scale air portable DAGOR vehicle. The vehicles comes complete with weapons, equipment and crew. For more... Read more
  • 28mm Soviet Winter Heavy Support

    Warlord Games have released Soviet command and heavy weapons (Maxim, Mortar and ZIS 3 gun) in winter gear. For more information, click here:   Read more
  • Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy at Crisis 2017

    Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy will be attending the Crisis 2017 show in Antwerp this Saturday November 4th. It will feature over 60 games and 120... Read more
  • M4 RZR

    Special Artizan Services has released an M4 RZR all-terrain vehicle. the kit comes complete with crew, weapons and trailer. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Plastic Chasseurs À Cheval

    Perry Miniatures have announced that they will be producing Chasseurs À Cheval in plastic. The release date has not been set but it should be... Read more
  • MDF Stalingrad Scenery

    4Ground has announced the release of their inter-connectable Stalingrad scenery. Each piece can fit with every other piece, allowing players to build up sections of destroyed parts... Read more
  • Battle for Berlin Set

    Warlord Games have announced their Battle of Berlin set. It includes 87 Soviet and German infantry, 4 vehicles (two IS-2s, a King Tiger and a... Read more

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