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  • 28mm plastic Polish Lancers preorder

    Victrix has announced that their 28mm Polish Lancers are up for preorder. The set contains 12 cavalry models. They will be released in two weeks... Read more
  • Oathmark plastic Elf light infantry

    North Star has released a preview of the new Elf light infantry. These will be available in April. For more information, click here:  Read more
  • Persian light cavalry preview

    Victrix has released previews of their 28mm scale Persian light cavalry. Shown here are the options for the standard-bearer model. For more information, click here: Read more
  • 1/56 scale Fishing Boat

    Anyscale models have released a 1/56 fishing waterline boat. It can be built as a modern boat (with radar and life raft container) or as... Read more
  • Griffon's Forge - 15mm Basic Impetus 2.0 armies

    Griffons Lair and Griffons Forge have teamed up with Dadi & Piombo and Old Glory 15s to offer Basic Impetus 2.0 armies in 15mm. The... Read more
  • Paint all the Minis - PATMOCON2020

    Paint all the Minis have launched the idea of having a virtual online convention. Their idea, PATMOCON 2020 will be held on the weekend of... Read more
  • UK Games Expo Postponed to August 21st- 23rd 2020

    The UK Games Expo is being moved to August in response to the Covid 19 outbreak. For more information, click here: Read more
  • 20% off TooFat Lardies PDF products

    For the next day or two, the TooFat lardies are offering 20% off all of their PDF magazine products. It is to help those who... Read more
  • Plastic Normans command preview

    Victrix have released a preview of their up and coming plastic Norman infantry in 28mm. Here is a render of the command models: For more... Read more
  • Plastic Roman cataphracts

    Gripping Beast have announced that they will soon be releasing mid to late Roman Cataphracts in plastic. Here are some painted examples: For more information... Read more

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