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  • Preview of Zulu Plastics

    Perry Miniatures have released a preview of their next 28mm plastic range - Zulus. These are due for release in the near future. For more information... Read more
  • 28mm Taiping Rebellion

    Gringo 40's have released pictures of their new Taiping rebellion range. The first packs will be ready at Crisis 2017. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Women of the Home Front

    Bad Squiddo Games has announced their 'Women of the Home Front' range in 28mm. These will be ideal for Operation Sealion and Very British Civil... Read more
  • 28mm Polish Infantry

    North Star has announced that Crusader Miniatures is launching a range of 28mm Polish infantry. This will include infantry, command and support. For more information... Read more
  • 28mm ACW infantry

    Steve Barber has announced two new packs in their 28mm American Civil War range. They are Union infantry in greatcoats and command. The range has separate heads... Read more
  • Plastic 1/56 King Tiger

    Warlord Games have announced the release of a plastic King Tiger tank in 1/56. The kit will contain options for the Henschel and Porsche turrets. For more... Read more
  • WW2 Russian Winter Soldiers

    Heer 46 have announced their release of 1/56 (28mm) Second World War Russians in Winter uniform. These will complement their WW2 Winter Germans and should be... Read more
  • Swedish Napoleonic Infantry

    Perry miniatures have announced the release of Swedish Napoleonic infantry. Sculpted by Alan Perry, this is the start of a range which will cover both... Read more
  • War in Chechnya KickStarter

    Tiny Wargames has launched a 'War in Chechnya' Kickstarter for 28mm. The range features VDV Russian troops and Chechen fighters in a variety of kit... Read more
  • Gangs of Rome announced

    Footsore Miniatures have announced their first game, Gangs of Rome. This will be a fully supported game with a range or Roman miniatures and buildings... Read more

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