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  • British Vickers and 3" Mortar

    1st Corps have released a Vickers MMG and a 3" Mortar for their WW2 British range. The scale is 28mm. For more information, click here... Read more
  • Sci Fi Bountry Hunters Kickstarter

    Antediluvian Miniatures 'Science Fiction Bounty Hunters' Kickstarter is in its final week. The scale is 28mm. For more information, click here: For the AntediluvianMiniatures Facebook... Read more
  • New Thirty Years War range

    Steve Barber has announced a new range of 28mm Thirty Years War figures. The range currently consists of pikemen and command, but will soon expand... Read more
  • New Gangs of Rome

    Warbanner miniatures have previewed new models for their Gangs of Rome game. Behold the rioting mob, sculpted by Paul Hicks. The scale is 28mm. For... Read more
  • Sumerian Chariots

    Eureka Miniatures have announced the release of a 15mm Sumerian range. It includes infantry, command and chariots. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Strontium Dog preorder

    Warlord Games have announced the preorder of Strontium Dog, the Good, the Bad and the Mutie. The game based is based on the Strontium Dog... Read more
  • Plastic Flakpanzer preview

    Rubicon Models have released a preview of their soon to be released Flakpanzer upgrade kit for the Panzer IV. The plastic kit comes with four... Read more
  • Bounty Hunter Kickstarter

    Antediluvian Miniatures have launched a Kickstarter for 28mm Sci-Fi Bounty Hunters. There are eight Bounty Hunters plus several stretch goals. Ideal for several Sci-Fi games. For... Read more
  • Spanish Fort KickStarter

    Philip Page has announced a new Kickstarter for a Spanish resin fort in 28mm.  The model is based on an actual fort of the period. Stretch... Read more
  • 10mm Houses

    4Ground has released a range of very realistic buildings in 10mm. Current releases include a hotel and rows of houses. For more information, click here: For... Read more

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