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  • Plastic Steyr 1500A

    Rubicon Models have announced that they are designing a Steyr 1500A car for 1/56 scale. They will do the standard troop carrying version and the... Read more
  • 20mm Japanese

    War Time Miniatures are releasing a range of 20mm Japanese and Australians for the Kokoda campaign. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Spanish Naoleonic mule limbers.

    Perry Miniatures have released four Spanish mule limbers for the Peninsula War. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Plastic Austrian cavalry preview

    Perry Miniatures are still working on their next boxed set, Napoleonic Austrian cavalry. Here is a preview of those sculpts. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Sdkfz 251 Series in 10mm

    Pendraken Miniatures have added several variants in the Sdkfz series to their 10mm German range. For more information, click here: Read more
  • British Airborne guns

    Curteys Miniatures now have a 75mm pack howitzer, 6 pounder and 17 pounder with crew available. The guns are scaled for 1/48. For more information... Read more
  • North Vitenamese from Empress

    Empress Miniatures are releasing North Vietnamese infantry to supplement their 28mm Vietnam range. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Italian Wars light cavalry

    Steel Fist miniatures are releasing light cavalry suitable for the Italian Wars period. There will be a variety of heads so they may be customised... Read more
  • Exclusive preview! Wargames Atlantic Persians.

    Wargames Atlantic have released to WS&S a preview of painted samples of their 28mm Persian range. They are due for release later this year. Size... Read more
  • Clermont Prince Regiment in 28mm

    Crann Tara Miniatures are releasing the Clermont Prince regiment for the Seven Years War in 28mm. Both mounted and foot versions will be available. For... Read more

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