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  • Pig faced orcs

    Lucid Eye have launched a range of Pig faced orcs, the classic D&D monster. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Setting the Scene Vol II

    Setting the Scene Vol II – Creating a Wargames Layout for the Mediterranean is entering final layout and will soon be available to purchase. Email... Read more
  • Panzer Lehr Sniper team

    Steve Barber Models has just released a new addition to their 28mm WW2 German range. This PanzerLehr Sniper team is now available. For more information... Read more
  • Late WW2 British Command

    Empress Miniatures have released a set of command f1gures for their Late WW2 British. They are scupted by Paul Hicks. These will be available soon... Read more
  • New Samurai from Bad Squiddo

    Bad Squiddo Games have released three new models called the Ronin Shōjō for their female Samurai range. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Dragon Pizza Kickstarter

    Dragon Pizza Dungeon? Yes, Reaper Miniatures have launched another 'Bones' Kickstarter, with dozens of fantasy models available. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Persian Light Infantry

    Victrix have announced they will be making Persian light infantry. Previewed here are the spearmen (who will double as skirmishers), bow armed and armoured infantry... Read more
  • Mob Sitters Kickstarter

    East Street Games have launched a Kickstarter for 'Mob Sitters' - a fun game of extortion, robbery and babysitting! For more information, click here: Read more
  • 1930s British army additions

    Empress Miniatures have released more packs for their 1930s British. The latest is a stretcher bearer and 2" mortar team. These would be suitable for... Read more
  • Plastic French update

    Perry Miniatures have announced an update on their latest plastic French set for 1807-14. They have released more information on the release (they will be... Read more

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