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  • MDF VSF Aeroship

    4Ground in conjunction with Things from the Basement has released an MDF Victorian Sci-Fi Aeroship, perfect for invading Mars! For more information, click here: Read more
  • AWI British Guards

    Perry Miniatures has announced they are releasing 28mm British Guards for the American War of Independence. The range consists of four packs - command, centre... Read more
  • 3D printed concrete fences

    Butlers Printed Models is releasing a range of fences and walls. Shown here are their concrete slab fences, These are available in scales from 1/300... Read more
  • Plastic British and Canadian Infantry

    Warlord Games has announced its latest plastic boxed set, British and Canadian infantry, suitable from 1943-45. The set contains thirty hard plastic multi-pose infantry. For... Read more
  • The Bruce's Bowmen

    Antediluvian Miniatures has released a pack of four 28mm bowmen for their Wars of the Bruce range. For more information, click here: For the Antedilvuain... Read more
  • 1/56 M551 Sheridan

    Rubicon Models are making a resin and metal kit of the M551 Sheridan airborne assault vehicle. No release date is yet available. For more information... Read more
  • Salute 2021 officially moved to Nov 13th

    The South London Warlords have announced that they are moving Salute 2021 to November 13th. It is good to hear this iconic show will return... Read more
  • New heroes from Bifrost

    Bifrost Miniatures has another six heroes to add to their collection. These brave dungeon dwellers (or murder hobos, depending on your perspective) are now available... Read more
  • Progress on 28mm plastic Conquistadors

    Wargames Atlantic has put out a preview of their Conquistador plastic sprue. As you can see, there are several weapon options available. For more information... Read more
  • Franco Prussian War gun crews

    Perry Miniatures has announced a metals range to accompany their planned plastic Franco Prussian war boxes. The first will be a set of French artillery... Read more

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