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  • Mortal Gods announced

    The new Greek game from War Banner has been announced. The game is called Mortal Gods and each player will control a faction in the... Read more
  • Forgotten World Kickstarter

    Fireforge Games have launched a Kickstarter for a new fantasy range called Forgotten Worlds. Shown here are the Northmen. They will be available as three... Read more
  • New Toon Realms

    Lucid Eye has released an unusual range of fantasy miniatures called 'Toon Realms'. The characters and troops look like they are straight out of a Zelda Fanstasy... Read more
  • MDF Speedboat.

    Sarissa Precision has released as part of their Gaslamp Alley range, a speedboat in MDF. This is ideal for Victorian Science Fiction and Pulp games... Read more
  • Generic armoured truck

    1st Corps has released a generic improvised armoured truck in their 20th Century Follies range. The resin and metal vehicle kit is suitable for pulp or... Read more
  • New European houses range.

    Sarissa Precision has released a range of five European street houses, including three different residential, one commercial and one house with an archway. Made of MDF... Read more
  • The Dark Eye Fanstasy Kickstarter

    Westfalia Miniatures have launched a Kickstarter for the Heroes of Aventuria. Set in the Dark Eye role-playing game (RPG) universe, the Heroes of Aventura bring... Read more
  • 6mm World War 1 Tanks

    Baccus 6mm has expanded their Great war range to include armoured vehicles and tanks. Currently, they include Mark IV tanks and FT 17s, but more... Read more
  • 28mm Fallschirmjäger Kickstarter

    Heer 46 has launched a Kickstarter for the Fallschirmjäger in Italy. The new range consists of two different squads of Fallschirmjäger, armed with Kar 98, FG 42... Read more
  • Cossack Cavalry

    Crusader Miniatures, via North Star, has announced their new Cossack Cavalry in German service will be ready soon. Scale is 28mm. For more information, click here:  Read more

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