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  • Soviet Female Sniper and Flamethrower team

    Bad Squiddo Games has released a sniper team and flamethrower team to go with their Women of the Red Army range.   For more information... Read more
  • Battle Ravens Boardgame Kickstarter

    Plastic Soldier Company will be launching a new Kickstarter soon. Written by Dan Mersey, Battle Ravens will be a board game of skill and strength... Read more
  • 28mm four-horse chariots.

    Newline Designs has announced their new 28mm four-horse chariots, a Seleucid scythed chariot & an early Carthaginian 4 horse chariot. For more information, click here: Read more
  • New early war 20mm Russians.

    Battlezone Miniatures will release their new early Patriotic War Russians on the 21st October. The range will include tanks, vehicles and infantry. For more information, click... Read more
  • Atomic Horrors - Giant Ants

    Crooked Dice has released a set of mutated giant ants for post Apocalypse and fantasy games. There is a large Queen and several worker ants... Read more
  • 10mm Napoleon's Allies

    Pendraken Miniatures are launching a 'not-Kickstarter' funding campaign to raise funds for sculpting a range of 1809 Allies for Hesse Darmstadt, Saxony, the Duchy of Warsaw... Read more
  • Forgotten Worlds Undead

    Fireforge Games' Kickstarter is almost funded. The new fantasy range is called Forgotten Worlds. Shown here are the Living Dead. They will be available as... Read more
  • 28mm plastic Republican Roman Cavalry available

    Victrix has announced that their 28mm Republican Roman cavalry set is now available to buy. The set contains twelve cavalry. Four sets of Roman Cavalry... Read more
  • 28mm Jarl Preview

    Victrix has released a preview of more of their plastic Vikings. This one is a 3D the Jarl from the set. For more information, click... Read more
  • 28mm French Revolutionaries

    Revolutionary Armies is producing a range of French mob for the Revolutionary period. Expect more to follow, including Vendee and exiles. For more information, click... Read more

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