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  • 20mm Panzer 1 Command

    Early War Miniatures have released a 'built and ready' Panzer 1 command tank. The hull and tracks are cast as one piece. simply add the hatches... Read more
  • 15mm ACW 'raider' Cavalry

    Lancashire Games have released 15mm raiding cavalry for the American Civil War. The set includes horse holders. For more information click here: Read more
  • 'Strongsword' fantasy skirmish wargame

    'Strongsword' is a fantasy skirmish wargame by Westfalia miniatures and is being funded by Kickstarter. The game will have a complete campaign system and a... Read more
  • 'Shibatsuji Taiho' Samurai cannon

    Kensei miniatures are soon launching a Kickstarter for their wargame. This will bring war machines into the rules. Included is the 'Shibatsuji Taiho', modelled on the... Read more
  • Last few hours of Tombstone Kickstarter

    Black Scorpion Miniatures' Tombstone Kickstarter only has a few hours left to run. Some excellent stretch goals have been unlocked. The Kickstarter closes at 6 pm... Read more
  • 28mm MDF Pantile Granary

    Charlie Foxtrot models have released a hórreo granary with a pantile roof in 28mm. It is suitable for Pirate games, the Peninsular and Mexico. For... Read more
  • New 10mm American Civil War buildings

    Pendraken miniatures have announced the imminent release of 10mm buildings suitable for the American Civil War. They include the Antietam Church. For more information, click here: Read more
  • 28mm Romano British Cavalry

    1st Corps have released metal Romano-British Commanipulares Heavy Cavalry in 28mm. The models are available with cloak or without. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Saxon Napoleonic Cavalry

    Black Hussar Miniatures have released new 28mm Napoleonic Saxon Light Chevau-legers and Uhlan cavalry. For more information click here: Read more
  • 28mm Pavlov's House

    Things from the Basement have announced their MDF Pavlov's House in 28mm. This famous building was fought over in the battle of Stalingrad. The building... Read more

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