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  • Danish/Norwegian Cavalry

    Perry Miniatures have just announced the release of Danish/Norwegian Cavalry for the Napoleonic Wars. The new additions consist of ten packs of Dragoons suitable from... Read more
  • New 15mm Soviet Vehicles

    Khurasan Miniatures have released more Soviet vehicles for the Cold War era, including the BMP 1P. For more information, click here: Read more
  • New 7TV Heroes

    Crooked Dice are releasing soon four new heroes for their up and coming 7TV 'Time Lost' guide. For more information click here: Read more
  • Greek Heavy Cavalry Released

    Victrix has announced the release of their Greek Heavy Cavalry. They can be built as Alexandrian with Kontos, Thessalian, Greek Heavy or later Successor cavalry... Read more
  • Spellcaster Magazine for Frostgrave

    Joseph McCulloch, the author of Frostgrave, has announced the launch of a new specialist magazine for the game called Spellcaster. It will be available from... Read more
  • 28mm Romanian Infantry

    Great Escape Games have announced the release of 28mm Romanian infantry for World War 2. The range includes command and infantry, with more sets promised... Read more
  • Terra Former desert terran

    Sally 4th has released photos showing the adaptability of their 'Terra Former' terrain on Kickstarter. Shown is a table built for 'Pulp Alley' incorporating a... Read more
  • 28mm MDF Ship

    Red Vectors has released an MDF ship in 28mm. This is a custom order model available directly from them. For more information, click here: Read more
  • Medieval Demons Kickstarter

    Antediluvian Miniatures launch their 28mm Medieval Demons Kickstarter tonight at 7pm. These designs are based on Medieval manuscripts. For more information, click here: Kickstarter link is... Read more
  • 17lbr Pheasant

    Blitzkrieg Models has released a 17 pounder 'pheasant' in 28mm. The Pheasant was a 17 pdr gun mounted on a 25 pdr mount. It comes with ammunition... Read more

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