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  • 15mm Late 16th century Hungarian Hussars

    Khurashan Miniatures are releasing Hungarian armoured hussars. They are making Eastern European auxiliaries in addition. For more information, click here:   Read more
  • Rorke's Drift Characters

    Michael Perry of Perry Miniatures has released photographs of his latest work, the heroes of Rorke's Drift in 28mm. For more information, click here:   Read more
  • 28mm Late WW2 US Army

    Empress Miniatures have released more US Infantry to add to their new range of 28mm WW2. Shown are a US Command group (they would work... Read more
  • 28mm Female Cultists

    Crooked Dice Games have announced Female Cultists will be released soon. Sculpted by Ernst Veingart. These will be ideal for pulp, Cthulhu and post-apocalyptic games. For... Read more
  • Turf War Z Kickstarter

    Studio Miniatures have announced the launch of 'Turf War Z', a modern Gang War game with a zombie twist. The game comes with different sets... Read more
  • 28mm plastic WW2 British Paras

    Warlord Games have announced their plastic British Paras are up for preorder. They can be built with a variety of weapon and head options (including... Read more
  • 28mm MDF Horsa Glider

    Sarissa Precision are releasing a 28mm Horsa Glider at the end of May. This release is being timed to coincide with the Warlord plastic British Airborne. For... Read more
  • 20mm Panzer 1 Command

    Early War Miniatures have released a 'built and ready' Panzer 1 command tank. The hull and tracks are cast as one piece. simply add the hatches... Read more
  • 15mm ACW 'raider' Cavalry

    Lancashire Games have released 15mm raiding cavalry for the American Civil War. The set includes horse holders. For more information click here: Read more
  • 'Strongsword' fantasy skirmish wargame

    'Strongsword' is a fantasy skirmish wargame by Westfalia miniatures and is being funded by Kickstarter. The game will have a complete campaign system and a... Read more

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