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  • 1/56 Scale Wirbelwind

    Warlord Games have released a 1/56 scale Wirbelwind. This resin and metal kit comes with vehicle crew, transfers, damage markers and cards. For more information click... Read more
  • 28mm Gallic Cavalry preview

    Victrix have released previews of their 28mm plastic Gallic Cavalry, due to be released later this year. Their 28mm plastic Greek Cavalry is due for... Read more
  • 28mm Post Apocalypse Survivors

    "Say my name!" Brigade Games have announced more releases in their post-apocalypse range. These include an number of personalities, like Mr Blue here. For more information... Read more
  • 20mm Mediterranean style building

    S&S Models have announced the release of a 20mm Mediterranean style building. It is also available as a ruin. For more information, click here: Read more
  • 28mm 'Tombstone' miniatures

    Paul Hicks has released some photos of a new Tombstone range he has sculpted for Brigade Games. The likenesses to the film are uncanny... "I'm your... Read more
  • Ghosts of Gaia 2 Kickstarter

    Bad Squiddo Games has launched a second 'Ghosts of Gaia' Kickstarter, releasing a baker's dozen female miniatures for Sci-Fi and Post Apocalypse games. Also included... Read more
  • 28mm Guard Scout Lancers

    Perry Miniatures have added another nine codes to their Napoleonic French range, the Guard Scout Lancers. These served Napoleon throughout the battles of 1814 but were... Read more
  • Greek heavy cavalry preview

    Victrix have released a preview of their 28mm plastic Greek heavy cavalry. These will be available in the next few weeks. For more information, click... Read more
  • 28mm Waco Glider

    Sarissa Precision have announced the release of their gliders. There is a Waco (for the US), a Horsa (for the British) and a DFS 230 (for... Read more
  • Terra-Former Kickstarter

    Sally 4th have launched a Kickstarter for 'Terra-Former', a set of terrain boards consisting of MDF terrain frames held together by magnets. The magnets ensure that... Read more

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