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Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy News

  • 28mm MDF African Airport

    Sally 4th have released and African airport building in 28mm. Ideal for recreations of The Wild Geese or The Dogs of War. For more information... Read more
  • 1/56 Scale 88mm 'Barn Door'

    Heer 46 have released a photo of their 1/56 88mm PaK 43 'Scheunentor' (Barn Door). It is available for order now. For more information, click here: Read more
  • 10mm Arabic buildings and Walls

    Total Battle Miniatures are releasing a batch of 10mm buildings and walls suitable for gaming in the middle east. For more information, click here:   Read more
  • Disposable Heroes 28mm infantry Kickstarter

      Brigade Games have launched a Kickstarter for US and German infantry in 28mm. stretch Goals for the Kickstarter will include support weapons and antitank weapons... Read more
  • Battlegroup Arnhem announced

    Ironfist Publishing has announced that their next book after Tobruk will be Battlegroup Arnhem. It is due to be released in the autumn of 2017... Read more
  • 28mm British terraced house

    Sally 4th have released a 'cut through' British terraced house. The building is suitable for 1890 to the present day. This is part of Sally... Read more
  • 15mm Late 16th century Hungarian Hussars

    Khurashan Miniatures are releasing Hungarian armoured hussars. They are making Eastern European auxiliaries in addition. For more information, click here:   Read more
  • Rorke's Drift Characters

    Michael Perry of Perry Miniatures has released photographs of his latest work, the heroes of Rorke's Drift in 28mm. For more information, click here:   Read more
  • 28mm Late WW2 US Army

    Empress Miniatures have released more US Infantry to add to their new range of 28mm WW2. Shown are a US Command group (they would work... Read more
  • 28mm Female Cultists

    Crooked Dice Games have announced Female Cultists will be released soon. Sculpted by Ernst Veingart. These will be ideal for pulp, Cthulhu and post-apocalyptic games. For... Read more

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