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  • Maximillion in Pursuit

    Eureka Miniatures have announced the release of a new range. Shown is 'Maximillion' and his armed interceptor and dog. No more details are available at... Read more
  • 28mm Birger Jarl

    Fireforge Games are releasing characters to go with their new range of plastic Scandinavian infantry. Shown is Birger Jarl (Birger Mangusson), leader of the Second... Read more
  • 28mm Plastic Dwarves

    North Star and Osprey have announced the latest Frostgrave plastic set - Dwarves! These will be available for preview at the Osprey stand (TJ05) at... Read more
  • 28mm Fierce Ruga Ruga

    North Star Miniatures have released a new set of Fierce Ruga Ruga Musketmen for the North Star Africa range. These will be ideal for Congo... Read more
  • MDF Japanese 'Wako' ship

    Steve Cumming of Sarissa Precision has shown off a preview of their new MDF 'Wako' ship for their Samurai range of terrain. The scale is... Read more
  • 28mm Cats

    Bad Squddo Games has added cats to their selection of creatures you can purchase. Every pack donates £1 to Gracie's Cat Rescue. These will be available... Read more
  • Ultramodern British 'Virtus' Infantry

    Evil Bear miniatures have released their ultramodern British in Virtus body armour (Virtus replaces the Osprey armour in British service). For more information click here: Read more
  • F350 with BMP-1 Turret

    Special Artizan services have released a Ford F350 with BMP-1 Turret. Such converted vehicles have been used by Da'esh in Syria and Iraq. For more... Read more
  • MDF Samurai Guard House

    Tre Games have released an MDF guard house for the Samurai period. The model is scaled for 28mm and will be ideal for games like... Read more
  • The Beast Below

    Crooked Dice Games are releasing the 'Beast Below' a Salute 2017. The beast is available for preorder. Ideal for pulp, modern or Cthulhu games. For... Read more

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