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  • Review: Osprey's Rebels and Patriots

    Rebels and Patriots is the latest release from the Osprey Wargames series. It is the 23rd in the OWG series. Each book follows the standard and... Read more
  • Rubicon Soviet Infantry

    Rubicon Models have sent us samples of their new metal World War 2 Soviet Infantry. We had a request on Twitter to show pictures of the... Read more
  • Warlord plastic Afrika Korps

    Accompanying the recently reviewed 8th Army plastics, are the Afrika Korps from Warlord Games. They are available as a Starter Army (with plastic and metal support... Read more
  • Warlord plastic 8th Army

    The latest plastic set from Warlord Games is their 8th Army set, available as a Starter Army (with metal support options) or a 30 figure... Read more
  • Unboxing 'The Good, the Bad and the Mutie.'

    Warlord Games have released The Good, the Bad and the Mutie the starter set for their new Strontium Dog game. There will be a full review of... Read more
  • Warlord US Army Jeeps

    Warlord Games have re-released their range of US army jeeps, which include a .30 Cal Jeep, the .50 Cal Jeep and the Armoured Jeep. The models are... Read more
  • Rubicon Fences

    Rubicon Models has brought out a set of fences for modellers and gamers. The set consists of four sprues, each containing four sections of fence (105mm... Read more
  • Plastic US Army Infantry

    Warlord Games have re-released their US WWII American GIs in plastic. The set is a complete redesign of the original American Infantry set released in 2013... Read more
  • Plastic 8.8cm Flak 37

    Warlord Games (with Italeri) has released an 8.8cm Flak 37 AA gun in 1/56, the classic early war dual purpose gun which saw service until... Read more
  • Unboxing Blood on the Aventine.

    Blood on the Aventine is the new scenario starter set for Gangs of Rome. It gives you everything you need to start playing, including miniatures, rules... Read more

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