Ancient Warfare historical fiction contest

Issue IX.4, which will be published next year, will also be the fiftieth issue of Ancient Warfare magazine, not including our specials. The theme for this issue is a much-requested topic, the First Punic War of 264 to 241 BC.

We have decided to spice things up a bit for this issue. One thing we want to do is include a short piece of historical fiction. If you’ve ever wanted to cut your teeth writing a short story, now’s your chance.

The rules for this contest are simple:

  1. Your short story should be no more than 6,000 words in length.
  2. The story should be set in ancient times (ca. 3000 BC to AD 600).
  3. You should strive to be as historically accurate as possible (but don’t feel compelled to write about a famous historical figure).
  4. The subject matter has to deal with ancient warfare in some fashion.
  5. You cannot all ready be an established fiction writer (that’s been published by a third party).

You can send your complete short story to me via email as a Word file attachment. The deadline for submissions is 1 April 2015. Your prize is getting your short story published in Ancient Warfare. One of our illustrators will also produce a one-page illustration to accompany your work.

To decide which short story will eventually be published in issue IX.1, we have assembled a jury of some of the finest writers in historical fiction: Christian Cameron, Ben Kane, Anthony Riches, and Harry Sidebottom.

Christian Cameron is a Canadian novelist and reenactor. He is best known for his series Tyrant, and the novels Marathon and The Great King. Ben Kane currently lives in North Somerset and is famous for his Forgotten Legion Chronicles, as well as his books on Hannibal and Spartacus. Anthony Riches is well known for his novels The Emperor’s Knives, The Leopard Sword, and others. British author Harry Sidebottom has written both fiction and nonfiction; his most famous work is the series Warrior of Rome.

Our thanks to the jury members who have graciously agreed to judge the competition. If you, as a (prospective) writer, have any questions regarding this contest, feel free to email me directly (see above), or use the form.

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