Books received (July 2015)

As mentioned before, I frequently receive books for review. Rather than ask authors and regular reviewers if they are interested in reviewing a book (which is a slow process), I instead will list the books that I have, below. If you are interested, please send me an email and explain briefly why you think you’d be the ideal candidate to review the book. Be sure to also include your postal address.

The books that I have on offer are the following:

  • Paul Chrystal, War and Battles of the Roman Republic (Fonthill 2015). – gone!
  • Paul Elliot, Everyday Life of a Soldier on Hadrian’s Wall (Fonthill 2015). – gone!
  • Daniel Varga, The Roman Wars in Spain: The Military Confrontation with Guerilla Warfare (Pen and Sword 2015). – gone!
  • Gareth C. Sampson, The Defeat of Rome: Crassus, Carrhae & the Invasion of the East (Pen and Sword 2015). – gone!
  • Nic Fields, Attila the Hun (Osprey 2015). – gone!

I somehow ended up with extra copies of the books by Chrystal and Elliot, so whoever applies to review a book but somehow misses out: don’t despair! I’ll pick two people at random who will be sent either Chrystal’s book or Elliot’s.

Please note that you don’t get paid for a review, but you do get to keep the book that we send you. Reviews should generally be between ca. 400 and 1200 words in length, with an average of around 650 words (about one page in the magazine), though the length of the review is also dependent on the nature of the book.

The deadline for reviews is usually about two months after having received the book.

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