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Most of each issue of Ancient Warfare has been devoted to a single theme since issue I.1. The theme covers about 2/3rds of the magazine and the rest is filled out with one or two specials, debates, reviews, etcetera. As of issue XI.1, there'll be more unrelated articles with the introduction of 'Tactically Speaking', 'Grave Matters' and the almost brand-new 'Roman Army in Detail', but there's still space for one, maaaaybe, two 'special' articles.

Those special articles that don't fit the theme or a series have always had a sort of ambiguous place in AW. They're an excellent way to touch upon a topic that's too small for its own theme and give authors a place to write about nearly anything they want.  Perhaps because the special article category is so broad, the stack of proposals is also pretty substantial, which makes a plea for more (which this is, see below...) seem a bit strange.

Of course, we could change the setup of the magazine so the theme takes all available space apart from the pre-defined series, or conversely, shrink the theme so there's more space for other articles. That's certainly one reason the question about theme size appeared in the recent reader survey. Unfortunately, for every reader expressing a desire for 'more theme', there's one who states a desire for the opposite... In such cases, the editor is obviously supposed to know the readership best and make up his mind, but I haven't done so yet. So that debate will rage on for a bit more at Karwansaray HQ

In the meantime: I'm very well supplied with 'non-theme' proposals about Roman subjects of all flavours, but I have very few such articles dedicated to Bronze Age, Archaic and Classical Greek, Hellenistic, and especially non-Mediterranean topics. So if you have something in mind, and you're qualified, an accomplished writer and patient (sorry...), please let me know!

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