Themes for volume IX

The first issue of volume VIII appeared not too long ago and we are currently preparing publication of issues VIII.2 and VIII.3. This means that it is high time to start thinking of possible themes for volume IX of Ancient Warfare magazine.

 The theme for the first issue of volume IX is “The Fall of Rome”. The deadline to submit proposals for it is September 20th of this year. (Check out the editorial plan for a complete overview of upcoming issues and their deadlines.)

If you have any suggestions for interesting themes for volume IX, please send them to Note that some of the themes that didn’t make the cut last year for inclusion in volume VIII, but did prove popular nonetheless, will again be included in the forthcoming poll. These themes are:

  • The Peloponnesian Wars, 431–404 BC
  • War in Anatolia: the Hittites and their successors
  • The Illyrians (from ca. 1000 BC to the Roman era)

The deadline for submitting suggestions is 31 May 2014. The list of most popular suggestions will be posted on the website in the first week of June. I will also create a poll and you can then vote on which themes you prefer for each of the remaining five issues of volume IX. As always, there will be two Roman issues (including IX.1), two Greek issues, a diachronic issue, and an issue on a non-Greco-Roman topic (e.g. the Hittites, Illyrians, or other suggestions).

You can also post your suggestions in the comments below.

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