Themes for volume VIII

We have just published the first issue of the seventh volume, on ancient Egypt, and are currently preparing the second issue, which will deal with the many wars fought on and over the island of Sicily. This means it’s about time that we start thinking about possible themes to use for the next volume of Ancient Warfare.

As observant readers may have noticed, the theme for issue VIII.1 has already been determined. This issue will cover traitors, defectors and deserters in the ancient world. But the remaining five themes are still wide open, and I hereby invite readers to send their suggestions to me at

A while ago, I asked you to vote on which cultures and eras interested you the most. It is clear from your votes that the existing structure of each volume is sound. As such, volume VIII will feature one issue on a general, overarching theme (the aforementioned traitors, deserters and defectors), two issues on a Greek theme, two on a Roman theme and one on a theme not related to Greece and Rome.

Regarding the latter, the results of the aforementioned poll suggest that our audience would like to read more about the Hittites or Barbarian Europe, so this will be taken into account when evaluating results.

The deadline for submitting suggestions is 31 May 2013. The list of suggestions will be posted on the website in the first week of June, so that you can vote on which themes you prefer.

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