Down pens!

The Great Wargaming Survey is over, another year in the books. Now the work really begins. Before that starts, however, we'd like to extend our gratitude to the over 10,000 of you who completed the survey again (not a record, but close!), everyone who helped spread the news on Social Media, blogs, YouTube, Forums, and everywhere else we missed, and of course our wonderful sponsors! Thank you!

Guy is already putting on his top hat and gathering his assistants to start awarding the prizes. Expect an update soon!


HI, I am very keen on the results of your survey, where would those be published?
I am especially interested in your participant’s demographic with a focus on gender split :)


I enjoy the survey! I am a historical gamer with no one within a two and half hour drive that even has a slight interest in historical gaming, but I soldier on! I love every aspect of the hobby and will continue to build, paint and play, hopefully another 50 years.

Don E Mac Intyre

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