GWS 2017 15/31 questions – Influencers

I think we've already noticed that friends are the most important 'influencers' for most wargamers. They provide the inspiration to pick up a new range, try some new rules, or set your designs on an entirely different style of game. Let's compare respondents who indicate blogs, video reviews, or podcast discussions are an important kind of wargaming inspiration, compared to those who listen most to their friends. Like yesterday's blog, we're only taking note where one group of responders gives a significantly different answer from the three others. Here are some highlights, and remember as always, these are averages and significant statistical differences in the results. That's all.

Friends are an important inspiration

  • Are more likely to just 'love to play the game', 'hang out with their friends' and collect rulesets.
  • Are less likely to enjoy scenario-driven games.
  • Are less likely to buy their wargaming gear from independent online retailers, but more likely to buy at a bring & buy at a convention.
  • Are more likely to enjoy 'Colonial warfare' as a setting.
  • Are more likely to regularly play in a large group with mixed ages, at a club, less likely to generally play at home.
  • Are less interested in an app to find more friends.


Blogs, articles or Social Media posts are an important inspiration

  • Are more likely to enjoy tinkering with rules.
  • Are less likely to think 'hanging out with friends' is an important part of the hobby.
  • Are more likely to buy online from the manufacturer directly, less likely at a brick & mortar store.
  • Are less likely to enjoy Warhammer 40,000, more likely to enjoy 'Colonial warfare'.
  • Are more likely to find a historical background article in a book or magazine inspirational.
  • More likely to play solo, and more likely to play at a club than those for whom podcasts or video reviews are an important inspiration. But they are less likely to play at a game store.


Podcast discussions are an important inspiration

  • In France and Finland, podcasts are significantly less likely to be an important source of inspiration.
  • For long-term (30+ years) wargamers, podcasts are more likely to be a source of inspiration.
  • Are more likely to buy from the manufacturer at a convention than those who prefer video, but less so than those who prefer to take advice from their friends or a blog.


Video reviews are an important inspiration

  • Are less likely to live in the UK
  • Are more important for wargamers who've been in this hobby for 5-10 years.
  • Are less likely to 'love their hobby' and be determined to keep going.
  • Are less likely to spend a lot on their hobby.
  • Are more likely to also play computer wargames.
  • Are more likely to like Monster or Survival games.
  • Are less likely to buy from a manufacturer at a convention.
  • Are more likely to enjoy SciFi gaming, both Warhammer 40,000 and others, as well as Fantasy not including Age of Sigmar, but they're less likely to dislike Age of Sigmar, and less likely to like Dark Ages.
  • Are more likely to dislike 18th Century, Napoleonic and Colonial wargaming.
  • Are less likely to visit conventions and more likely to find none are within reach.

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