GWS 2017 - Intermediate update

We're just under two weeks into the 2017 Great Wargaming Survey (if you haven't yet, take the survey now!) and with over 6000 responses so far, we're well on our way to hitting 10K properly! I've been interviewed by two podcasts (thanks Jonathan and Jay!) which should be coming out soon, and I figured it's time to post something here too.

Early highlights

Highlights so far, but keep in mind this may well change:

  • manufacturers will be happy as collecting miniatures is one of the top favourite things to do (who knew?)
  • general mood is very positive as before (but that may be self-selecting, obviously)
  • skirmish-style games are popular (again, who knew?)
  • compared to 2015, independent online retailers are losing out vs the manufacturer websites, while brick-and-mortar shops have gained importance.
  • In the meantime, if you have any comments or specific questions you'd like to see results of, don't hesitate to post them below! I enjoy diving into the data and it's much easier to do with a specific question in mind than just going for 'everything!'.

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