Take a look through Medieval Warfare IX:4

We flip through the latest issue of Medieval Warfare magazine - check out this video!

[product ids="965, 969"] Our cover articles take a look at the Wars of the Roses, focusing on the events leading up to three battles that take place in 1471. Some of our articles include:

'Two kings, two queens, and a kingmaker: The early years of Edward IV's reign (1461-1470)," by Danièle Cybulskie

"The year of three battles: Barnet, Tewkesbury, and London," by Devin Fields

"Defending Jerusalem: Sybil of Jerusalem as military leader," by Helen J. Nicholson

"Lords of the fjords: Viking elites from Myklebostad, Norway," by Leszek Gardela

"Needing a bigger blade: The myth of William Wallace's longsword," by Laura Harrison

"Violent death in the shadows of the fall: The assassinations of Aëtius, Valentinian III, and Aspar," by Michael Edward Stewart

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