What’s coming to Medieval Warfare magazine in 2019

I’ve been getting emails and messages asking about the future issues of Medieval Warfare magazine. I can now finally share with you our 2019 plans, which I am really excited about!

Battle of Agincourt depicted in a 15th century manuscript.

We will have six regular issues, plus another Special Issue. Let’s start with the regular issues, where you are going to notice that our themes will have fewer articles, but they will be more in-depth and comprehensive. This will also leave more room for non-theme articles, and the aim is to give you a wider range of topics in each issue.

Our first issue of 2019 will be taking a new look at the Battle of Agincourt, one of the most famous encounters of the Hundred Years’ War.  Michael Livingston will be writing the main piece for us, and he is going to be offering some new ideas that will make historians re-evaluate the battle.

The second issue of the year will feature a major article, this one on the Ismailis, better know to the West as the Assassins. This has been a topic that I have received a lot of proposals for, but I was waiting for the right author to come along, and that is Carole Hillenbrand. Her work on the history of the Crusades and the medieval Middle East has won her numerous awards, including being appointed Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. Earlier this year she gave a plenary paper on the ‘The Old Man of the Mountain: Fact and Fiction’ and the article she is working on for us will be based on that research.

The third issue of the year will take us to 16th century Italy, focusing on the Sack of Rome in 1527.  It’s one of those pivotal moments that some see as the end of the Middle Ages, and we are really excited about offering you some insights into Renaissance warfare.

A 16th century panorama of the Sack of Rome (1527)

We’re going back to the Wars of the Roses for our fourth issue of 2019. Issue V.3: The Yorkist Triumph looked at the battles of Northampton (1460) and Towton (1461), and this new issue will be a continuation of sorts, taking the story up to 1471, the year of three battles: Barnet, Tewkesbury and London.

The fifth issue will deal with the Battle of Neville’s Cross, an important battle between Scotland and England from the year in 1346. There is currently a major research project taking place about the battle, and were going to be working with some of the main historians in that project to tell you about this battle and the warfare that was taking place on the Scottish-English frontier.

Battle of Neville's Cross from a 15th-century manuscript

The final regular issue of 2019 is going to go to Iceland. I find the land of sagas to be an incredibly fascinating place to explore, and I am very happy to bring you this issue. While readers might not think that any battles took place in Iceland, our issue will tell you about the Sturlunga Age, a period in the 13th century that saw a few major families dominate the country and begin a civil war.

We will also be publishing a Special Issue in the spring of 2019 on The Rise of the Gun. It will look at perhaps the most important invention in the history of warfare, focusing on how gunpowder and firearms brought many changes to the medieval warfare. It’s going to give you a global outlook, starting with how gunpowder was used in China, and seeing its influence spread throughout Eurasia. I haven’t seen a book that offers the scope and insight into this topic that we are planning to have, so I am very enthusiastic about what we can deliver to you.

Our 2019 is shaping up to be a great year, and I hope you will enjoy our issues. If you are interested in writing for us, message me by email and send a proposal. We’re always looking for new articles, especially those outside of our themes, so if you are doing research on something that would interest us, let us know about it.

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