A Very Happy Accident - Models for Heroes

A funny thing happened whilst the WSS team was at ‘Colours’ Wargaming Show in Newbury last month. Having finally done our job of covering our share of the many gorgeous games for the ‘socials’, Rossco and I indulged ourselves in a little shopping. Specifically, I needed a figure case for a new project I was working on, so I went ‘direct to source’ - to KR Multicases, whose products I have used and enjoyed for years now.  And this is where things went a little strange…

L-R Rossco, Guy and Chris hit 'Colours', 2023

As keen-eyed readers may be able to see in the image above, I wear two badges on my WSS shirt, and one of them is for the excellent charity, ‘Models for Heroes’. Models for Heroes, in their own words, “support the UK Armed Forces and Emergency Service personnel with the meaningful hobby of model making”, and I happen to be a vocal proponent of using the hobby to support mental health.

At any rate, the nice chap who runs KR Multicases got VERY excited upon seeing my M4H badge because ‘M4H’ just happens to be the code for their most popular foam figure trays! Cue much jocular confusion as he and I worked out the crossed-wires and I outlined to him the mission of ‘Models for Heroes’. Never one to miss a chance, I suggested to him that this could be a golden opportunity to ‘spread the love’ and to maybe put aside a small donation to M4H with every  M4H tray sold.

“I'll do better than that,” says he, and hands us a brand new KR Standard case filled with M4H trays for a direct donation to Models for Heroes! 

Fast-forward a few weeks to last weekend, and it was my absolute pleasure at Partisan 2023 to be able to hand over this generous gift to the M4H team, who will be able to put it to use soon.

On behalf of WSS, it was a real joy to see one of the big names in UK figure cases ‘paying it forward’ and being able to support the wonderful work of Models for Heroes. Long may their work continue to make a difference!


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